1. Pop out the Alignment Cup

2. Set the stand to preferred angle.


3. Place the chipping mat at desired distance.



If balls start rolling down the Target Board over time, just brush the long turf with your hand upwards toward the top of the Target Board.



1. Bump and Run - Work on hitting the Target Board and bouncing your ball into the Alignment Cup for the ideal bump and run shot.

2. Flop Shots - Lower the Target Board and try landing flop shots on the Long Turf Target Area

3. "Putt Chips" - Optimal when practicing on carpet.  Chip your ball using a putting stroke and work on rolling the ball up the Target Board and into the Alignment Cup.



Play Solo, Twosome, or Foursomes.

Play 9 or 18 holes

Higher Handicap Players hit 3 shots, take best of 3.

Lower Handicap Players hit 1-2 shots.

Lowest score after each hole chooses location of chipping mat.